Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sour Cream Pound Cake

This yummy dessert can be served by itself or it makes the perfect "cake" part of a homemade Strawberry Shortcake!

1 tsp vanilla
6 eggs
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 cup sour cream
3 cups sugar (yes, I said THREE)
1 cup butter (yes, I said a cup... and no, I never promised this was a low-fat dessert!)
3 cups flour

Preheat oven to 325 and grease a round TUBE PAN. Trust me on this one! It works WAY better than a loaf pan because it truly cooks all the way through!

Cream together the sugar and butter. Add the sour cream and mix until well-blended. Add the baking soda, vanilla, and flour to the creamed mixture, and then add the eggs one at a time.

Pour the mixture into the tube pan and bake at 325 for 1 hour and 10 min, or until it's golden brown and passes the toothpick check!

SLICE, sprinkle with just a LITTLE powdered sugar, and SERVE!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mango & Lime Chicken Tacos

This was an experiment.....but will FOR SURE make a repeat appearance!!!

Shopping List:
1/2 pound (I used 400 grams for 2 people) of chicken (breasts or tenders)
1 pkg corn tortillas
1 mango
2 limes
1 small can crushed pineapple (in DK we have to buy it and crush it ourselves)
1 small red/purple onion
Small handful of chopped cilantro
Your choice of Mexican spices (I use Chipotle Chili Powder)

Other Condiments:
Sour cream/creme fraise
grated cheddar cheese
salsa (I used one called Habanero Passion Salsa which tasted a bit like "Peach salsa" from TX)

Step one-
Prepare your CORN tortillas. This step is CRITICAL to the success of your tacos (AND is also a step you should always do before using corn tortillas to roll enchiladas! Trust me on this one!)
Heat 1/4 cup vegetable oil in a skillet and sprinkle with 1 tsp cumin.
Fry each tortilla--about 1 second on each side and then drain on paper towels. Set aside for later.

Step two-
Prepare your mango chutney- Dice 1 cup of mango. Add 1/2 cup of pineapple (drained), 1 small chopped red/purple onion. Squirt the juice from ONE HALF of a lime. Add the chopped cilantro. Set aside in the fridge while you do the rest.

Step three-
Boil your chicken, add a little cumin and a dash of Mexican spice (Chipotle Chili powder) to the water. I recommend boiling it first to maintain the moisture without having to add any oil/butter. After the chicken is finished, chop and add to a skillet. Cover with a little more spice and generously squeeze the juice of the remaining 1.5 limes over the chicken and just toss in the skillet on a low heat. Do NOT overcook! Just warm it to let the lime juice saturate it.

To serve:
(Trust me, this order of "building" your taco ensures that every bite is perfect!)
Take one corn tortilla and place the mango chutney in a line down the center of it.
Add the chopped pieces of lime chicken on top.
Drizzle a line of sour cream next to the chicken and a line of salsa on top of it.
Top with grated cheese and then roll.

You will thank me for this! Especially if you serve it on a cold, dark, rainy Danish winter night! It brings the yumminess of Tropical Latin America to your dinner table!